Flood Prevention System Kit:  $3,475.00  – plus $250 shipping and applicable taxes

Included in Flood Prevention System Kit:

(25 Square Feet) – Flood Armor Aluminum Flood Panels – 25 SF is enough for 4 – 36” wide x 24” high doors and windows.  Custom fabricated to each customer’s opening sizes.  (Add more panels as needed by requested quote.)

4 – 10 oz tubes of rubberized sealant for Flood Armor Panels used in time of flood event.  Peels off after use.

75 – Weep hole inserts with plugs

6 – 10 oz tubes of Weep Hole insert sealant for permanent seal with no shrinkage

2 – ½” Masonry bits for widening mortar joint for Weep Holes

1 – Dryer Vent replacement flap to replace existing vent cover that protrudes from wall by more than 1”

1 – Dryer Vent Flood Armor Waterproof Cover – use in time of flood event and remove when not needed.

1 – Wall Penetration Kit for HVAC or other wall penetration – permanent waterproofing, not removable

1 gallon – Slab to Brick joint transition Commercial clear sealant.  Application by provided roller to fill all cracks.

2 gallons – Wall Sealant applied by provided sprayer above Base joint

1 – Caulk/Sealant tube gun

1 – Sprayer – hand pump sprayer for above grade wall sealant

1 – Liquid Sealant application kit – (Pan, Roller, Roller covers, Nitrile Gloves)

Needed by customer:

1 – Light duty Pressure Washer – approximately $199

1 – Cordless Drill – approximately $99


This System KIt includes enough product to water proof an average size brick home (2,500 – 3,000 SF).  Additional quantities can be ordered as needed for larger projects.

ALL instructions for installation and application of products are included in a step by step easy to follow format.

*Other areas such as materials for demising walls in Garages are quoted on a custom basis.

** Custom solutions available on a case by case scenario

All of our products and processes are commercial grade products and have been used to mitigate water intrusion damage for residential and commercial properties for over 15 years.  These are not gimmicks or products that are seen on TV or in big box hardware stores.  These products and processes have been developed and used on thousands of projects for successful water proofing solutions.  Contact us through our website or email with any questions regarding your individual needs.




Let us know if you have any questions regarding our affordable Flood Prevention Systems by emailing us at:  info@FloodPreventionGroup.com

Flood Prevention System Kit August 8, 2020