Flood Prevention System

With over 15 years in commercial waterproofing and flood barrier fabrication, we have used our real world experience and expertise to formulate a comprehensive Flood Prevention System for residential customers. Our kits are custom engineered for each client to mitigate flood water damage. Average size residential properties start at $3,500 and all products are able to be installed and applied by the client or any available handyman. In Texas, we also offer an application labor service for those that prefer a turn-key flood prevention process.

Kits Include Products and Processes to Address:

Entry Doors/ Low Windows – Flood Armor Aluminum Panels – Plasma cut and formed for each individual opening

Wall Sealant used by commercial waterproofing experts to seal cracks, pinholes, etc. – (Roll application and dries clear)

Dryer Vent covers


Brick Weep Hole inserts to allow ventilation but not water intrusion – Easily retrofit into existing weep holes

Wall penetration kits for HVAC pipes and other below flood level wall penetrations

*Other areas such as materials for demising walls in Garages are quoted on a custom basis.

** Custom solutions available on a case by case scenario

All of our products and processes are commercial grade products and have been used to mitigate water intrusion damage for residential and commercial properties for over 15 years.  These are not gimmicks or products that are seen on TV or in big box hardware stores.  These products and processes have been developed and used on thousands of projects for successful water proofing solutions.  Contact us through our website or email with any questions regarding your individual needs.

Let us know if you have any questions regarding our affordable Flood Prevention Systems by emailing us at:  info@FloodPreventionGroup.com